Cretan Odyssey

    shiny pebbles clink sunlight grazes rock shadows toes curl with delight shell pink notes in sky manuscript of colour plays dawn light symphony Back home … Thanks for waiting … round to see you all very soon :-)


Woodland … Up along the shady burial path and into Bircham Wood clamouring branches of beech trees silently rattled coins of freshly minted leaves … I strolled along a starry path of wild garlic and later found myself on a tiny part of Offa’s Dyke Path with bluebells dotting the steep banks … The woodland … Continue reading WWW

*Hump Day

ancient man long gone sun and body climb upwards shadows left behind No alarm set … but Lil Maud came to say good morning in the way that just cannot be ignored … Peeping out of the window and seeing the horizon beginning to glow in a promising way  … I cranked myself up a … Continue reading *Hump Day

Moody to Mellow

Up on Bodmin Moor … Cornwall showed her decidedly moody side … and I loved it :-) But on the coast at sunset, there was a more mellow mood as a lone hopeful surfer bobbing in the waters made the most of the evening as did we – along with others – at Constantine Bay observing … Continue reading Moody to Mellow

Loving The Golden Yellows …

… Of sunshine and flowers …  ISO 100 29mm f/4 1/125 ISO 100 32mm f/4 1/30 … Playing with yellowy – gold – wishy – washy – watercolours … … and decorating with a touch of gold … ISO 100 32mm  f/4  1/15 sec It’s been a glorious few days :-)